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After sun gel

It soothes the burning sensation "sunburn" and causes an immediate effect of freshness. Anti-inflammatory, soothing, relaxing and soothing actions on superficial redness. It works deeply by repairing tissues, it improves hydration and prevents skin aging thanks to the active substances it contains.

Base de jour marine

Marine day base Day cream and make-up base, easily absorbed, leaves no residue. Revitalising action, it boosts cells renewal all day long. It contains a sunscreen.

Creme GG

A perfect alchemy between the plant world and the mineral world. Crème GG takes you to makeup border with a perfective and illuminating care 6 in 1. Antifatigue, it boosts your cellular development by nourishing your skin deeply and protects you from UV. Its microcapsules release natural pigments and matify your complexion for a perfect uniqueness without any compromise.

Démaquillant douceur

All skin types Cleansing, soothing and refreshing lotion, it relieves tired eyes. It prepares your skin to receive the specific Gernetic face care products.  A wave of energy and comfort for your skin. Suitable for all kinds of skins.


Face cleansing The ideal product for greasy and problematic skins thanks to its cleansing, purifying and gentle drying actions


Tonic lotion for the face This is the ideal complement to the GLYCO lotion to complete cleansing by removing the last traces of make up and dead cells which dull your complexion. The Fibro lotion, guaranteed alcohol-free and, with its rich complex synergy of plants to control the pH of your skin, purifies your complexion giving it a renewed, vigorous, bright freshness.

Flower Acid

New generation lotion with FLOWERS’ ACIDS. It contains AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), Improves cells renewal by inducing highly effective and enjoyable exfoliant activity, without causing damage to the skin’s cells. At the correct concentration, alpha-hydroxy acids will: - promote cells renewal, - soften and lighten the skin, - smooth out cutaneous relief, - make the epidermis suppler and firmer, - have moisturizing activity.

Ger peel

Face and body scrub Its innovative active ingredients stimulate cellular dynamic and effectively eliminate dead cells by restoring radiance and youthfulness to your face. Complexion is more luminous and thoroughly deep-cleansed.


Cleansing milk for the face This smooth, refreshing make-up remover, rich in milk glyco-proteins, delicately and totally eliminates all trace of make-up. Its rich composition enhances its cleansing action, bringing comfort and softness, leaving your skin clear, smooth and dazzlingly clean.

Le concentré réparateur

In a quest for the latest biotechnological discoveries and in order to ensure your satisfaction, Laboratoires GERNÉTIC Int.have conducted countless tests on new NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. LE CONCENTRÉ RÉPARATEUR by GERNÉTIC is a highly effective product designed to prevent, slow down and reverse the process of ageing.

Melano 15

Sunscreen for face and body SPF 15 - Medium protection Cream medium protection, to protect effectively against the harmful effects of the sun. Made for the most resistant skins to the sun and for winter periods. Its filter-based protective complex against UVA and UVB rays prevents the formation of pigmentation spots. Its nutritive cocktail, reparing and antioxidant, protects the skin. Non-whitening formula, which can be used as a makeup base, and protecting base throughout the year.

Melano 30

Sunscreen lotion for face and body SPF 30 - High Protection High protection milk, to protect the skin effectively against the harmful effects of the sun. Made for sensitive skins and intermediate phototypes exposed to a low to moderate sunshine. Its filter-based protective complex against UVA and UVB rays prevents the formation of pigmentation spots. Its active ingredients fight against premature aging. Non-whitening formula, which can be used as makeup base, bottle size pump for a practical use for the face and body.